Турниры в Венгрии.

01 июня 2013

Our partner in the tournament organisation Mr.IO Nagy Laszlo, First Saturday Tournaments, his homepage is:www.firstsaturday.hu

Venue is of all tournaments: Caissa Panzio, Kecskemet, Gyenes ter 18

The dates of all Tournaments for GM, IM and Rating groups in Kecskemйt:

In 2012.21.-29. July, 18.-26. August, 15.-22. September, 20.-28. October, 17.-25. November, 14.-22. December, 27. December — 04. January 2013.

In 2013: 19 — 27. January, 16 — 24. February, 16 — 24 March, 20 — 28 April, 18 — 26 May,

15 — 23 June, 20 — 28 July, 17 — 25 August, 21 — 29. September, 19 — 27 October, 16 — 24. November, 27 December — 04. January 2014.

The waiting time for all tournaments is 60 minutes.

ROUND ROBIN TOURNAMENTS FOR GM NORM: 10 players — 9 rounds, time control: 90 min. for 40 moves, then 30 min. + 30 sec./each moves.

Entry fee: below 2301 400 euro, 2301 — 2350 360 euro, 2351 — 2400 330 euro, 2401 — 2450 300 euro, 2451 — 2500 280 euro, above 2501 250 euro.

The rounds start every day 3 p.m., opening ceremony and drawing at the first day at 3 p.m.


Tournament Conditions: 9 — 11 games FIDE-Category I.-IV. Time control: 90 min. for 40 moves, then 30 min. + 30 sec./each moves.

40/2 + 1 hour per player. Rounds begin at 3 pm., Entry fee: without fide rating Euro 350, under 2200 Euro 275, 2200-2250 EURO 250, 2251-2300 Euro225, 2301-2350 Euro 200, 2351-2400 euro 175,over 2400 euro 150


These tournaments offer the opportunity to get or increase international FIDE-rating

Round robin system from 9 to 14 rated games (maximum 3 unrated players).

ROUND ROBIN TOURNAMENTS FOR GM NORM: 10 players — 9 rounds, time control: 90 min. for 40 moves, then 30 min. + 30 sec./each moves.

Entry fee: without FIDE-rating Euro 200,

under 2000 Euro 180, under 2051 Euro 160, 2051-2100 Euro 140, 2101-2200 Euro 120, 2201 and more Euro 60.

The results of our tournament you can find on www.fide.com and on the homepage: www.firstsaturday.hu and www.bkmsakk.hu/torna/km/adat/er_caissa.pdf

Here you can find photos and actual results also.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: If there is a group of at least 4 players inform us at least 2 month before they want to have a round robin tournament, we can organize in the time they wish.

All tournaments take place in the PENSION CAISSA, which can be found in a wonderful green park in the center of Kecskemet. For our chess guests we offer accomodation and breakfast on a reasonable price.You can stay in a silent place, no stress, no travelling for the rounds like in some large town. You can have lunch and dinner on a reasonable prize in good restaurants near to us.

THE CHOICE OF OUR ROOMS: 2-bed-rooms with bathroom (can be used as a single room too), 1-, 2 — and 3-bed rooms with common bathroom, spare bed possible. There is a silent tournament room near your room and a hall for analyzing and breakfast.

Several companies like Easyjet, Germanwings, Berlinair, SkyEurope, Wizzair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Air Finland have cheap flights to Budapest, from important European cities, for example:

London, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dьsseldorf, Dortmund, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Venezia, Rome, Paris, Milano, Zurich, Oslo, Helsinki.

You can find the homepage of these companies on the following sites:, www.ryanair.com, www.germanwings.com, www.airberlin.com, www.wizzair.com, www.norwegian.no, www.easyjet.com and www.airfinland.fi

Budapest Ferihegy Airport are about 80 km. to Kecskemйt. We offer you a transport by car from and to the airport, one way is for one 40 Euro, for two 50 Euro ad for three persons 60 Euro.

KECSKEMET is a nice historical town in the middle of Hungary, 85 kilometer south from Budapest, with 110.000 inhabitants. It is easy to travel here from Budapest, it is normally 1 hour 15 minutes by train /from Nyugati palyaudvar to direction Szeged/ or by bus /from Nepliget Bus Station/, or one hour by car from the highway M1 follow the M0, then M5-

Kecskemйt has a lot of museums, exhibitions, shopping possibility, and the people very friendly here. We have nearby the famous National Park Bugac and nice farms with restaurants and cheap riding possibilities. About Kecskemet see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kecskemet.

Kecskemet has more like 80 years tradition in international chess tournament organization and chess book publication. We organize international chess tournaments from 1978.

There are chess tables from stone on the main square of Kecskemйt, where about 40 persons can play in the same time, there are tournaments here in summertime.

We welcome chess players interested in individual and group-chess training in German or English. Peter Leko, Berkes Ferenc and Zoltan Gyimesi — now members of the succesfull Hungarian Olimpic Team-, had their chess-teachers among the Kecskemet's masters, and they started their chess carreers at Kecskemet's tournaments. You can analise also your games in the tournaments, or learn chess with succesfull trainers like GM Sax Gyula, GM Jozsef Pinter, GM Jozsef Horvath, GM Attila Groszpeter, IM Gyula Meszaros or IM Tamas Erdelyi for a reasonable prize.

The language of the trainings is English, by some trainer German language too.

You can take also the services of cheep dentists in Kecskemйt, in the time of your tournament.

We inform you that we have the largest chessbook shop in Hungary. The shop is waiting for you with international selection and nice prices. We have published about 60 chess books in German, English, French and Hungarian languages in the last 16 years. We have business relations with chess-shops and dealers in 44 countries, and looking forward for more contacts.

CAISSA KFT, H-6000 Kecskemet Gyenes ter 18, Dr. Erdelyi Tamas manager

Tel/Fax:+36-76/481-685 Mobil/handy:+ 36 30 271 33 38, E-mail: postmaster@caissa.t-online.hu

Website: www.caissachessbooks.com

Caissa Panzio is the place of the tournament, tournament hall is on the 1st floor.

Kecskemet, Gyenes ter 18. H — 6000

An island of silence in the centre of Kecskemet is Pension Caissa in a green park, just a few minutes away from the famoust main square. We are waiting for you with friendly service and most of our staff speak English.

For our guests we offer the following room choices:

Big-size room with own bathroom and TV. 32 Euro for one person, 42 Euro for 2 people. A spare bed is 8 Euro, up to 4 people.

Big-size room with TV, the bathroom belongs to two rooms. 26 Euro for 1 person, 34 Euro for two people, spare bed costs 8 Euro, up to 5 people.

Smaller room, the bathroom belongs to two rooms. 22 Euro for one person, 30 Euro for two people.

Small room, the bathroom belongs to three rooms. 20 Euro for one person, 28 Euro for two people.

The prices above do not include breakfast, but there is possibility to drink coffee and tee for free.

We offer a two room flat just 100 m from our tournament hall. It is for 2 persons 45 eurу, for 3 persons 53 eurу, for 4 persons 60 eurу for one night.

Firstsat programm 2013 GM IM FMA
Firstsat programm 2013 FMB FMC FMD